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Jessup Moot Court 2022

The Jessup Case 2021

Jessup Team of the University of Leipzig 2021

 The Philip C. Jessup Moot Court Team of the University of Leipzig 2021 started working. For the ones who are not watching “Suits” and don’t know by now what a moot court is: a moot court is a mock court where law students simulate arguing a court case. The Jessup is the oldest international moot court competition in the world. The mock case is before the International Court of Justice (ICJ). We will argue for Aprepluya and Ranovstayo, the two parties in the case, about different legal questions. These questions regard a (fictitious) global pandemic: “J-Vid-18”; political asylum by a whistleblower; and questions of jurisdiction and state responsibility for shooting down an aircraft. All these themes are ambiguous – that’s why the Jessup is so challenging. 

May I present to you the Jessup Team of the University of Leipzig 2021: 


Hello, my name is Stefanie. Being in the fourth semester of my law studies, I enjoy diving into new topics and legal problems. Therefore, I am looking forward to working as part of a team with other motivated students and learning a lot about working on a big case, having detailed discussions, writing statements and finally taking part in a simulated court hearing. I think the Jessup competition will be a great experience and it will help me to reflect my own knowledge and to improve my English and my legal skills. 


Hey there, I am Farah and in the 5th semester of my legal studies. I am honored to be a part of the Jessup Moot Court and to learn more about Public International Law. It is marvelous to have the chance to improve my ability to read and discuss important issues in English. As I love traveling and planning on working abroad, this is the perfect preparation for my future work life. Besides from that the best part of the Jessup is that we are working on the case together, and therefore help and motivate each other. 


Hello everyone! My name is Sarah and I’m currently in the 5th semester of my law studies. I’m looking forward to researching and learning about a specific topic in Public International Law in depth over the course of this semester and to do so as a team! My general interest in different cultures is what sparked my interest in Public International Law as a way of States working together. I’m very excited to be part of this years’ Jessup Team of the University of Leipzig! 


Hej, my name is Jakob and I am currently in the 6th semester of my legal education. Besides my studies, I am especially interested in Judo, partner dance and Scandinavia. I was attracted to participate in such a renowned legal competition as the Jessup Moot Court because it is a wonderful opportunity to expand my own knowledge with another exciting legal subject and to apply it directly under professional supervision. 


Hello my name is Konstantin, I am 20 years old and a 5th- semester law student at the University of Leipzig. I am interested in European law and especially Public International law, because it deals with important global challenges. You also get a good overview of the big picture. Im looking forward to the next few months with our great team and the experience we will gain at the Jessup Moot Court. 


We have been working together since July. We started preparing for the Jessup with weekly classes on international law via Zoom. Gabriel Armas-Cardona, our coach who is a US-trained attorney, taught these classes and is helping us with everything regarding the Jessup and our legal English. Corona hasn’t and won’t stop us!

Recruitment video

Check this out if you want to get an impression of what the Jessup is like!

Thanks to Jan Bornemann who made this great video!

First Step - Completed

Dear readers,

it is unbelievable how fast the recent weeks and months have passed. We moved into our official Jessup Room in December and spent (very) long days working on our memorials, first everyone on their own and then the five of us together as a team. There was so much work to do - research, writing, cutting, discussing, and cutting again and again. After hardly leaving the Jessup Room in the last week, we finally submitted the finished version of our memorials on January 13th. 

This process was extremely challenging, but we're happy to have made our first step on our way to Göttingen. Most importantly, we'd like to thank our coach for taking so much time to help us. Next up: preparations for the oral pleadings...

Until then, 

the Jessup Team 2020

Update on the current state of our working progress

Dear Readers,

We want to give you all a quick update on the current state of our working progress and on the activities related to the Jessup Competition, we’ve done so far.

Through reading the first batch of materials provided by the International Law Students Association (ILSA), we got a general overview on the legal topics of the case. 

After doing some additional reading, and drafting the first outlines of our argumentations we went to the library of the “Max Planck Institut für öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht” in Heidelberg to do research on the core issues of the case and the main legal questions surrounding the topics.

We want to say thank you to the librarians and other staff members of the Max Planck Institut for giving us the opportunity to use the library and for helping us in our research.

We got some new insights in various fields of public international law related to the case and learned to look up legal materials, both printed and online, in a more effective way.

On the research trip, we got to know each other better and the team spirit started to grow. We spent some time on discussing our findings, made jokes, ate, and traveled together and overall had a lot of fun as a team.

Right now we’re back in Leipzig, reading and summarizing the materials we found in Heidelberg and are implementing them into our arguments.

Thank you for following us on our journey and special thanks to anyone, who is supporting our team either financially or by helping us in our legal education.


November 11th 2019

Jessup Moot Court Team 2020

Hey all together,

We’re excited to post our first blog entry as Leipzig’s Jessup Moot Court Team 2020!

For the beginning we thought it’s a good idea to introduce ourself and letting you know who is writing the next blog entries on our road to the oral rounds in March.

So I don’t want to waste much words: the small descriptions of each of us are speaking for itself J

Enjoy and keep reading!



Hi there I’m Fiora! 

I’m in the sixth semester of my law studies. As most people I enjoy activities like listening to music, hanging out with friends and so on. But I’m also very interested in issues relating to human rights and their international protection and enforcement. I can’t wait to have plenty of both in the coming semester, being a part of the Jessup Team 2020.




My name is Anne. I’m 21 years old, studying law now for 6 semesters and … I’m really excited and happy about being a part of this year’s Jessup Moot Court team at our University! Especially practical work experience and working in a team is not often a part of our study – so Jessup will be a great chance to try it out. I like being creative, playing some music, doing sport – and if you like to make me happy, a long breakfast with coffee always is a good idea. The next semester I’m expecting to become very instructive and challenging: of course it will be a lot of work but for sure a lot of fun as well. 



Hey, ya’ll,

let me introduce myself. My name is Anisa and I am currently in the 8. semester.To describe myself I must say that my decisive character trait is assertiveness. I am also honest and straightforward and an open-minded person with many different interests. My family plays the biggest role in my life. They support me and I can always rely on them. I am motivated to take part in the JMC as it is an one of a kind opportunity, not given in the course of studies, to have a real practical experience and to take the role of a real attorney. Also JMC is only one possibility beyond theoretical studies to enrich my university life, as it involves finding new friends and developing a network with students nationally and internationally. I am glad to be in the team, to work with my teampartners and I hope that we have a great semester together.




I'm Jakob. I moved to Leipzig last autumn, and I'm in the sixth semester of my law studies. I like spending time with my friends, jogging, bouldering and reading. A main interest of mine is public international law, with a focus on international organisations and the relations between states and their political and economic backgrounds. I'm exited to be part of the Team and looking forward to learning more about various fields of international law and applying my knowledge in practice.



Hi there,

I'm Timo, 22, and in my sixth semester of studying law. On my own time, I like to go out, meet friends, listen to music and read. In Jessup, I hope to explore my interests in politics, foreign policy and especially international criminal justice, a field of law that I could see become my primary occupation in the future.


August 18th 2019

WELCOME Jessup Team 2020

Picture of the Jessup Team (from left to right: Fiora, Anne, Anisa and Jakob; missing the fifth member Timo)

Erfahrungsbericht zum Jessup Moot Court 2019

Liebe Moot Court-Interessierte,

Wie fühlt es sich an, für die Universität Leipzig beim ältesten völkerrechtlichen Moot Court der Welt anzutreten?

Wen trifft man bei der Vorbereitung auf die Plädoyers?

Und was nimmt man für seine Laufbahn und in persönlicher Hinsicht vom Moot Court mit?

Die Antworten auf diese und viele andere Fragen finden Sie hier, im Erfahrungsbericht zum Jessup Moot Court 2019.

Viel Spaß beim Lesen!


Das Lehrstuhl-Team

Bewerbung für das Jessup Moot Court-Team 2020

Liebe Moot Court-Interessierte,

auch in diesem Jahr werden wir ein Leipziger Moot Court-Team zum international renommierten Philipp C. Jessup International Law Moot Court entsenden. Alle Informationen zum Ablauf und dazu, wie Sie Teil des Teams werden können, finden Sie im Factsheet.

Für einen kleinen Vorgeschmack darauf, was Sie beim Jessup Moot Court erwartet:

Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Bewerbung!


Das Lehrstuhl-Team

Das Mourt Court Team

Updates from the University of Leipzig Jessup Moot Court team

Hello World! Hallo Welt! We are the Phillip C. Jessup Moot Court team at the University of Leipzig. This is our first year competing in the competition. We look forward to telling you about all the steps we will go through to prepare ourselves for the competition. Visit here regularly to read about our toils researching, arguing (in a good way!), and learning international law.

Jessup Moot Court

Liebe Moot Court-Interessierte,

am Montag, den 04.06.2018 wird es eine weitere Informationsveranstaltung zur Teilnahme am Philipp C. Jessup Moot Court geben.

Die Veranstaltung wird voraussichtlich um 17 Uhr im Raum 4.06 stattfinden. Dort werden wir alle Fragen in Bezug auf

  • Ablauf des Moot Courts,
  • Betreuung durch den Lehrstuhl Schiedermair sowie
  • Hinweise zu den universitären Leistungen geben,

die Sie im Rahmen Ihrer Teilnahme erwerben können. Dazu haben wir vom Lehrstuhl schon mal ein Factsheet zusammengestellt.

Allgemeine Informationen und Erfahrungsberichte finden sich viele im Internet. Hier eine kleine Auswahl:


Das Lehrstuhl-Team

Für Nachfragen und weitere Infos: Jessup.moot(at)

Aktualisierte Daten zum Bewerbungsverfahren

Liebe Moot Court-Interessierte,

in der Vorbesprechung vom 22.05.2018 haben wir Ihnen bereits Termine zum Ablauf des Bewerbungsverfahrens genannt. Diese passen wir an, damit wir einen zweiten Vorbesprechungstermin durchführen können. Die aktuellen Bewerbungsdaten lauten:

  •  18. Juni 2018: Bewerbungsschluss
  •  20. Juni 2018: Versendung des zu bearbeitenden Kurzfalls
  •  02. Juli 2018: Einreichung der einseitigen Memorials
  •  04. Juli 2018: Mündliches Auswahlverfahren

Ausführliche Informationen zu den Bewerbungsvoraussetzungen und dem Verfahren finden Sie unter diesem Link:

Factsheet Philipp C. Jessup Moot Court-Team Leipzig

letzte Änderung: 21.05.2021

Bei Anfragen und Informationen an:

Factsheet Jessup Moot Court

Unter den folgenden Links findet Ihr zwei Erfahrungsberichte von Mooties aus dem Durchgang 2020:

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